A Prison in Linda Vista (Managua, Nicaragua)

A woman is admitted to Linda Vista Police Station only 30 minutes prior for hitting her husband. 

In an attempt to keep informal recyclers out of La Chureca, police are sent to the dumpsite to arrest those who have trespassed the newly government owned area. There is also word that the police have shot at the informal recyclers to scare them out of the dump. When they are arrested they come to the prison in Linda Vista. They maybe spend a few nights until they are released and usually go back to the dump again. 

Gabriela Lopez had a difficult past living from La Chureca dumpsite in Managua, Nicaragua since she was a girl. She met her now husband at 13 years old and at 18 had two children. Both parents struggled with drinking during this time and it was affecting their life negatively. When Gabriela was offered a scholarship to learn English and when she accepted Jesus in her heart, things would change for the better in many ways. Faith and education were the building blocks for which would change her and a her husband’s life. Today she lives in a barrio called Villa Guadalupe, outside of La Chureca. Gabriela started to visit prisoners to send their message about redemption and the goodness of God. Her and her friends sing and pray to the inmates as they follow along. They also take time to hear their stories and pray closely together. At the end, the inmates are handed beverages or food made by the her church group. All the inmates joyfully accept their words, gifts, and prayers. Moments of laughter, silliness, craziness, sadness, regret, and gratefulness all take affect during this unique experience. You do not have to know Spanish or even believe in God to be moved by the powerful work they do to remind people that they are still human beings who deserve love, non-judgement and a second chance.