The ISWA Scholarship Programme

The ISWA Scholarship Programme reaches out to youths who are informally recycling in open dumpsites. The programme consists of 70 students from 3 different dumpsites, 2 in Nicaragua and 1 in Uganda. Though we respect the free public service people provide by sorting trash, we also believe that dumpsites should be closed to child labor and must become organized. Open dumpsites provide a toxic environment that degrades the health of humans and local agriculture. As we encourage the trend of closing them down, we also want to help redirect people who have been working there with with educational opportunities. The ISWA Scholarship Programme acts as a life-coach for all levels from elementary school, high school, university, and technical courses and points the direction towards a more opportunistic future. #TradingTrashForEducation #TheISWAscholarshipProgramme #ISWAkids

The ISWA Scholarship Programme

looking to expand to Mexico for 2020!

Happy Holidays from the #ISWAkids

The ISWA families received their holiday gift baskets, courtesy of Eve Annenberg and Matt Jacobs who visited us from Los Angeles. Then we had a huge holiday party in our newly built ISWA Centre. The party was made possible by Olga Sacasa and her family. They brought hundreds of gifts, 2 piñatas and tons of food. We satisfied well over 150 participants. Also, Alondra received the award for high honors in a private school! We are very proud of you, Alondra! This for me was the true meaning of Christmas. Not snow and gingerbread cookies, but the act of giving to those who have much less then yourself. Happy Holidays to everyone from our ISWA family. Thank you for making this year possible and everything you have done to help us. We really appreciate each one of you from the bottom of our hearts! -Tim

A few Proud Graduates.

Marjorie and Kevin walk down the graduation aisle to receive his first diploma.

Meet our new ISWA kids in Uganda

In the photo, is a team of kids working and staying with their mothers at the dumpsite and polythene bag cleaning area around Nambole National Stadium. From right is Angel Kirabo Twine, 4 yrs. of age with her mother Nasari Birungi. In the middle is Edward Mugade, 3 yrs. with his mother and lastly there is Ssebowa Arajate, 4yrs with his mother Mariam Namurondo. In addition to Edmond Nigeria, Angel Kirabo and Ssebowa Arajat were allowed and facilitated to join a live-in boarding school under The ISWA Scholarship Programme.

School is in session!

ISWA kids showing off their studies.

Congrats to Cesar who graduated into high school for 2017!

You are the man, Cesar! It can be very unpredictable...who will graduate or who will/will not succeed. Cesar had us on the edge of our seats this year and in the end, he set an example for the other kids in the program. This has been a long journey for all of us and we have all struggled in our own ways, but we took these steps together. Cesar passed both 5th and 6th grades this year and will advance into high school in 2017. We are so proud of your effort and not giving up! Thanks to ISWA and Cesar's sponsor, Jonice for making these first steps possible for us! 

A few kids from with their exercise uniforms from the private school.

The ISWA Centre